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Why is Solar Panel Health Check Important? Read on and find out!

In a country like India there is diversity climate which is accompanied by different velocities of wind, varied amount of dust, extreme pollution and distinct percentage of humidity. Hence, it is extremely imperative to get a health check of your solar panels done regularly to ensure optimal output and long life of the panels.

Give your power consumption an MRI scan

Professionals usually determine your savings and provide intricate guidelines on how to improvise your system in order to reach your financial and environmental goals. To understand this better, let us take a quick example:

Most of your electrical equipment that requires high input of electricity can be used in the daytime and avoid the load on the grid at highest rates. Depending on your current location in India, highest solar energy availability time in the day can be found out in order to ensure the usage of the energy produced is optimal. This shall further enhance your energy bill savings.

Make a health report

Number talk! Make a day-to-day performance report of the energy production. Make a special note of the days when the sky wasn’t clear, and the output was diminished. You may also hire an expert to do this for you and provide you with the best analysis.

Basic hygiene for your solar panels

A bath a day, keeps the germs away. Same goes for the solar panels. Washing your solar panels regularly in order to optimize output is important. A thorough washing by the hands of a professional every 6 months (might vary depending on the dust accumulation on the panels and air quality of the region) is mandatory for a long healthy life of your solar panel. Now, it needs to be understood that cleaning the panels has an appropriate way and appropriate water pressure that needs to be take care of. The angles and foot placement during rooftop solar panel cleaning is also important to ensure zero damage of the precious panel.

So, remember to get hold of a qualified staff to ensure a good shower for your panel.

Inverter health check and replacement

Make sure your inverter is hale and hearty. Same goes for the panel. A small dent can lead to the entire portion of the solar panel becoming inactive and non-productive. A 25 year warranty won’t help if the basics aren’t tended to.

Hence, get a health check for your Solar Panels Now. If you already have someone doing that for you, then great; if not, reach out to us at and make us your one-stop solar buddy. Cya

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