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Vashi’s CREDO

Since 1978, we started our journey of building relations, system and process of understanding and satisfying needs of diversified buyers for Industrial Electrical products in various segments such as CPM, OEM, EU, Projects etc. We bridge the gap between world class products manufacturers & users with simple processes to ensure timely and prompt delivery.

Our partnership with principals is based on trust and commitment to serve customers with the same level of quality as envisaged by them. Our partnership is built on the “3C” Concept i.e. Capacity, Capability & Commitment.

Our primary responsibility is to understand and satisfy the needs of every customer i.e: Control Panel Manufactures, Original Equipment Manufacturer, End User, New Project Customer, and Electrical Contractor with innovative service and solutions for Industrial Electrical Products.

We constantly strive to bring to our Customers World Class Energy Saving Eco Friendly Futuristic Products ahead of time. We patronize products and systems that propagate use of green energy. We are committed to our employees academic growth, emotional respect and due compensation.

We commit well-being of our team who travel in this journey of excellence. Every Member is considered to be an invaluable asset. We build an environment that guarantees every member’s freedom to think, express and participate to achieve the goal of the organization. In a diversified social culture, we provide local flavor in work processes to maintain local identity.

All efforts are consciously made to make the work atmosphere a Home away from Home. Delegation of responsibilities at each point of customer connect is optimized thus, ensuring speedy and timely response to serve customers. Digitalized systems and processes are in place to ensure every action and response is transparent and ethical.

We always value the support provided by service providers and ensure due returns through our business.

We commit to always follow the rule of the law and state and be responsible citizens in society.

Our final responsibility is to stakeholders. Our investments in infrastructure will always aim to achieve the capability to serve customer at par excellence and extend a delightful journey. Our commitment is to always ensure quality performance & business excellence, high profits to cover inflationary cost and assure minimum five times the base interest rate.


We ensure enough reserves are built to take care of any unforeseen circumstances. This will always ensure all-round growth and happiness of every member in the VASHI Family.

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