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Top strategies to save money by upgrading to energy efficient motors.

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Be it Industrial, commercial or residential ecosystems, electric motor applications are quite widespread. However, poor use of this equipment can lead to inefficient working and deficient pockets. Can you relate? If yes, read on to find out how you can avoid electric motors from drilling a hole in your pocket by merely upgrading them to energy efficient motors.

Energy saved is pure profit (Enhance your savings with IE2 and IE3 motors)

Electric Motors consume up to 28% of the World’s Electrical Energy. Thus, expanding the scope to lower energy consumption several folds is possible. With conservation and awareness rooting deeper into the Nation, the government has taken a firm foot forward by mandating the use of IE2 and IE3 motors.

Where the world has begun adaptation and perusal of motors that are IE4 and beyond, numerous Indian industrial set-ups continue to use IE1 motors.

This is the opportunity of countless industries that are still using IE1 motors to undergo upgradation with IE2 & IE3 – efficiency versions. If companies choose to do this, India could annually save close to 9,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy. This would total up to an incredible 40 billion Indian rupees (more than $600 million) in energy bills, which is roughly about one third of the energy used in India.

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Vashi Electricals is at your service! Send us the list of the motors that you have installed and need up-gradation; we shall not only provide a perfectly tailored up-gradation plan for the motors with competitive prices but also list down the pay-back time of the investments. Just aim for optimization & efficiency and leave the rest, to us!

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  • Design Efficient Systems– Adapting to the smart electrical system in order to achieve high efficiency is indispensable. Installation of a highly efficient motor in an incompetent system is a complete waste of money. Understand where and when the motor is working unnecessarily, and create a system where it automatically starts and stops based on demand.

The overall efficiency of the system drops considerably causing increase in cost and energy consumption, if your motor is not supported by a competent gearbox.

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Maintain Motor Drives

VFDs or Variable Frequency Drives are a popular solution for increasing energy efficiency in electrical systems. (Click on the link to check out the VFD motor with 12 months warranty: ABB Drive ACS 550-CP-C VFD OF ABB MAKE FOR 3HP MOTOR) These motor drives allow you to regulate speed and torque while converting electrical energy into mechanical.

An efficient VFD Motor is known to save up to 55% in energy costs.

Always place quality over quantity

Opt for a new motor that is energy efficient, if your continuously functioning electric motor is old and worn out. At Vashi Electricals, we provide high-efficiency Motors, Wires & Cables, Switch Gear and other electrical materials of top brands at competitive prices that help you save energy and money.

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