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Siemens 3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Indian circuit breaker market is projected to have a multi-fold growth in the coming five years. The circuit breakers are bifurcated as per voltage and type based on which the outdoor circuit breaker segment is expected to peak in the upcoming years.

MCCBs lately have picked up both demand and competition in the Low voltage power distribution arena. Top players in the market that are meeting this demand with quality assurance and customer service for circuit breakers include Siemens and ABB.

Siemens has new generation 3VA MCCBs to address the high features such as Knowledge Manager, Versatile Communication, Higher breaking capacities, Metering, Compactness, etc. which are required for the premium segment.

They recently changed the market dynamics with the launch of their 3VJ MCCBs with Thermal Magnetic Trip Units that are the perfect solution for all your applications. In addition, simple yet functional features maximize the benefits for users in all segments e.g. Buildings (Residential/ Commercial), Infrastructure, and Utilities & Industries alike.

3VJ MCCBs Benefits


The design is versatile to most of the market segments. It is positioned in the price based for below focus markets:


Fundamental Features:

Current Ratings 20A to 400 A
Frame Sizes 4
Breaking Capacities 10kA to 55kA
Certifications RoHS, IEC and intertek
Thermal Magnetic Trip Units Fixed Thermal, Fixed Magnetic (FTFM release)

Adj. Thermal, Fixed Magnetic (ATFM release)

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