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Seminar: Financial Acumen for Financial Growth.


Research shows financial acumen at workplace can lead to: Better health, increased employee retention, morale, productivity and profits.
Growing team knowledge, enhancing the existing skills, building new skill sets, increasing productivity and profits are the ultimate goals of the company.

In the light of this vision, the company organized a 2 day Seminar on “Financial Acumen for Sustainable Growth” by Dr. Anil Lamba. He is a Chartered Accountant, financial literacy activist, international corporate trainer and has authored several books & over 1500+ articles. He has a degree in commerce, law and a doctorate in taxation.

Coming to why exactly is Financial Acumen required!

Financial acumen is complex. To create economic value for an organization one must understand and manage multiple financial indicators around goals, products, stakeholders, platforms, resources, regulations, geographies and time zones, and markets effectively.
Being able to understand not only the numbers in your P&L, but also to deploy and manage your limited resources of people, time, and funding while adhering to governance, risk management and compliance requirements and regulations, keeping up to date with competitors, re-calibrating new technologies, and delivering to customers at higher levels of quality, can be truly daunting.
Sharpening these skills while also inspiring and motivating your team and driving your vision forward require a two-pronged approach to leadership: mastering the people skills and getting a solid grasp on your financial acumen.

Here is an eagle-eye view to the seminar on Financial Acumen for Sustainable Growth, go on and scroll!


Seminar Photos

Financial Acumen for Sustainable Growth.