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Siemens Switchgear Price List of Load Break Switches, Fuses, Contactors & Relay, RCBO, Motor Starters, Distribution Boards, ACB, MCCB, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers and Plug & Socket DB. At Vashi Electricals We Offer and Deliver Best Quality Electrical Products at the Best Discounted Prices
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Siemens Switchgear represents state-of-the-art technology. Siemens manufactures a wide range of Low Voltage Switchgear such as Air Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Fuse-Switches, Contactors, Bimetal Overload Relays, Electronic timers, Motor Starters, Push buttons, Limit Switches and Miniature Circuit Breakers. Siemens Switchgear MCCB & Control Switches Price List: Download Here Siemens Contactors Price List Download Here Siemens additionally offers Electronic Soft Starters, Low Voltage Vacuum Contactors, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers, Low Voltage Circuit Breakers with microprocessor-based Over current releases, Actuator – Sensor Interface Systems and a complete range of Proximity Switches. systems to provide you with simple and cost-effective systems. Also, they blend in with innovative concepts like Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Totally Integrated Power (TIP) from Siemens, that ensure better process control and efficient use of energy.

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Siemens 3TF, 3UA, 3VU, 3RV, 3RT, 3RB, 3RT19, 3RH, 3RU, 3TH, 3NH, 3NW, 3UX, 3KL, 3KT, 3KA, 3NA, 3VT, 3SB, 3WT, 3KX, 8UC, 3VA, 3TX4
Siemens 3NE (Local), 3VL, 3RP, 3SE, 3WL, 3RA, 3LD, 7KM, 3TF68, 3TF69, 3LA, 7UG, 3NP, 3NG, 3TS, 7PV, 3RT12, 3TK, 3US, 3SY, 3TC, 3TD, 3NC, 3NX, 3ST, 3LX, 3LY, 7LF, 7KT
Siemens 3RA6, 3RF, 3RK, 3RN, 3RR, 3RW, 3UF, 3UG, 3ZS, 8US and other non price listed items
Siemens ALL Spare Kits & coils 3TY  For Contactors, 3TX0, Spares for 3LW42 & 3TE02 Starters, 3LA, 3SX
Siemens MCBs (5SL & 5SX), DBs (8GB), RCCB (5SM), RCBO (5SU), 5TE, 5SP, 5ST, 5SY, 5TL, 5TT
Siemens Dol Starters – 3TW
Siemens All Starters – 3LW42 , 3TW04, 3TS02, 3TE02, 3TE04, 3TW0290, 3UW