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Latest Finolex price list of all wire and cable like Industrial Cables, Single Core FR PVC Insulated Cables, Single Core FRLS PVC Insulated Cables, House Wires, Multicore Flexible cables, Copper Armoured cables, Flat Submersible Cables, LAN, CCTV Cables, Coaxial Cables, Industrial cables. At Vashi Electricals we offer and deliver the best quality electrical wires and cables at best-discontented prices.

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Finolex Wires and Cables

Finolex cables you can stay assured as these are pure electrolytic copper wires built with high-quality PVC compound and high thermal stability. These cables have not just great conductivity, but are also highly resistant to heat and have great intensities and capacity for high temperatures. The Finolex cables price would vary depending on the cable length and the PVC insulation.

Product Categories
Finolex CCTV
Finolex House Wire (FR & FRLS 270 mtrs)
Finolex House Wire (FR & FRLS 270 mtrs)
Finolex HT / Aluminium Armoured Cabes
Finolex LT / Aluminium Armoured Cabes
Finolex LT Copper Cables
Finolex Multi Core Industrial Flexible
Finolex Telephone & Co-Axial