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Established in 1946, Bharat Bijlee is one of the leading Electrical Motor manufacturers in India. It offers a comprehensive range of highly reliable and energy efficient 3 Phase AC Electrical Rotating Machine from 0.12 kW to 1250 kW.

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Bharat Bijlee Motors Products

Product Capability:
– Motors conform to relevant IS/IEC standards
– Customized motors designed & manufactured to suit application-specific needs
– The most suitable solutions to extremely harsh and severe applications
– Motors suited for all applications i.e. Pumps, compressors, fans & blowers, conveyors, – lifts, screen, vibrators, centrifuges, stone crusher and many more
– Preferred brand across multiple sectors like cement, construction, steel, food & – beverages, water & wastewater, sugar & distilleries to name a few.

Motor TypeFramePower (kW)
Standard Motors63 to 3550.18 to 315
IE2 Motors71 to 3550.37 to 375
IE3 Motors80 to 3550.75 to 315
IE4 Motors112M to 180L2.2 to 22
Large LT Motors(DCCA)335 to 450280 to 1250
Standard Flame Proof Motors80 to 3150.37 to 200
IE2 Flame Proof Motors80 to 3150.37 to 200
IE3 Flame Proof Motors80 to 3150.75 to 180
Non – Sparking Motors63 to 4000.12 to 560
Increased Safety Motors63 to 3550.12 to 400
Crane & Hoist Duty Motors71 to 3550.37 to 400
Brake Motors71 to 1320.25 to 9.3
Slip ring Motors100 to 1601.10 to 10
Textile Motors – Ring Frame100 to 1601.1 to 15
Cane Unloader Motors160 to 22511 to 30
Marine Duty Motors63 to 450
Roller Table MotorsAs per requirement
Railway Auxilliary MotorsAs per requirement