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Latest ABB price list of ABB switchgear, Air circuit breaker, Miniature circuit breakers(MCB), Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB), Motor protection circuit breakers, Isolators, Miniature circuit breaker or Low voltage switchgear, Residual current circuit breakers, or Switch disconnector.
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ABB Switchgear Products

Product Categories
ACB and Accessories
3P Power Contactor – A – 9A to 1050A
3P Power Contactor – AX – 9A to 370A
3P Power Contactors, Wide band, AC/DC Coil – AF- 9A to 750A
4 Pole AC1 Contactors – A & AF – 25A to 1000A
Auto Transfer Switch
Aux Contatctor – Type N
Aux Contatctor – Type NX
Capacitor Switching Contactors – UA
Changeover Switches & Accessories – 16A to 3200A – OT
MCB – Distribution Board( Classic and Elegance ) – NSYN
MCB – Industrial Plugs and Sockets – CCMA
MCB – S200M Range of MCB/F Range of RCCB & DS Range of RCBO – Aux Contact fittable – 80 Amp & Above
MCB – S200M Range of MCB/F Range of RCCB & DS Range of RCBO – Aux Contact fittable – Upto 63 Amp
MCB – SH200M Range of MCB & FH Range of RCCB – Compact Range- MP
MCCB – Formula & Accessories- 10A to 250A
MCCB – Tmax and accessories – T5 to T7
MCCB – XT and accessories – XT1 to XT4
Mini Contactors
MPCB – (0.1A to 100A) – MS
PBs & LEDs (Compact Range) – CP1
PBs & LEDs (Modular Range) – MP1
Relays & Timers
Spares for Contactors ( Coil & Kit)
Starters – DOL (0.25HP to 10HP), Star Delta (12.5HP to 75HP) – MA & SDA
Switch Disconnectors – 16A to 4000A – OT
Switch Fuse & Links – Din & BS Type
Thermal & Electronics Overload Relays