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Polycab is a well-known brand that has established its trademark identity with high quality wires and cables. With 25 manufacturing facilities and export reach of 40 countries, the brand breathes of trust and dependability. Polycab distributors stand at a whopping 3450 in number and are continuously expanding.    

Being the largest channel partner in India for electrical & power transmission products & solutions sets Vashi Electricals apart from the list of distributors. Among other reputed national and international brands, Vashi Electricals holds the privilege of being the authorized Polycab wires and cables distributor. 

A wide gamut of dealers in the wire and cable industry are available however, being the authorized distributors, Vashi guarantees genuine Polycab wires and cables. As an add-on Vashi ranks on the top of the charts as a Polycab wholesale supplier due to 1 million sq. ft. logistics area and PAN India presence in 55 + industrial towns nationwide.  

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Polycab Cables Dealer | Vashi Electricals

Polycab manufactures wires and cables with a variety of insulation properties inclusive of flame retardant low smoke, flame retardant lead-free, fire retardant PVC, flame retardant low smoke and halogen PVC and so on. The manufacturing is par excellence with an eco-friendly make and leak proof system. They also cover a wide range of sizes that fit the bill of many. Polycab wires and cables are known for their diminished heat generation resulting in less electricity consumption. These wires and cables are manufactured using the latest technology (Electron Beam/Buss Co-kneaders) with world-class materials under strict quality assurance procedures with total traceability of in-house or approved supplier materials throughout production processes. The Polycab R & D Center is the backbone for developing innovative compounds and materials to provide superior performance that assures compliance with all local and international standards validated by comprehensive testing at Polycab’s internal NABL accredited lab and external third-party labs.  

Ensuring the customer journey is seamless, the consignment of material is dispatched to the delivery location from the nearest warehouse with assured overnight shipping. As Polycab authorised dealers, Vashi understands the importance on online purchase ease. Vashi’s e-commerce portal is customised especially for the valued consumers to filter out just the right product in the right range. The back-end technical support team ensures smooth purchase and speedy response.  

Vashi Electricals hosts brands that suit the diversified needs for the customers. Purchase best in class genuine Polycab wires and cables from https://vashielectricals.com/brand/polycab/