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Lighting can often be under-estimated as a solution for energy savings. On deep scrutiny it is observed that most of the warehouse’s energy bills comprise of 80% lighting. Hence, making this source cost-effective is crucial. Philips Lighting has been one of the fore-runners in lighting solutions. They are known in the market for their long-lasting and energy efficient LED lighting. With these cost-effective lighting solutions, the bottom line can have drastic changes. The overall operational cost greatly reduces thus, boosting the overall savings. Philips Lighting solutions bring about low system downtime, enhanced productivity, employee safety and of course… low energy consumption.

Among many Philips Lighting dealers, Vashi Electricals is the authorised distributor for Philips Lighting. Understanding the cruciality of hosting such a fine brand, Vashi Electricals provides the complete range of Philips Lighting. Irrespective of the segment our valued customers belong to Philips Lighting Solutions are known to benefit excellently.

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How does Philips Lighting Solutions Benefit?

Overall Cost Reduction:

  • Reduced energy consumption and increased sustainability through cost-effective LED lighting and controls.
  • Lower or nullify capital expenditure by using light as a service (LaaS) or circular lighting
  • Plan outages and maintenance to reduce disruption and downtime

Operational Efficiency:

  • Increased employee safety
  • Enhanced employee productivity due to optimum working conditions. Thus, idealising labour costs.
  • Increased manufacturing performance.
  • Future-proof the work floor with easy re-zoning, without changing the lighting fixtures.

Health and Safety are of Top Priority:

  • Compliance with all the national and international safety standards
  • Lesser incidents of short-circuits

Environmental Sustainability:

  • Diminished carbon footprint by energy conservation
  • Environmentally friendly due to high efficiency, excellent make and low waste.
  • Compliance with national as well as international environmental standards.

A wide-range of products are offered under one roof to cater to the diversified needs of the valued customers. Since, Vashi Electricals are the authorised dealers for Philips, all products are 100% genuine. Vashi offers PAN India free delivery, cash on delivery option as well as best prices in the market.

Availability, delivery delight, speedy customer response, guaranteed genuine products and excellent pre & post-sales support sets Vashi apart from the other Philips Lighting distributor.

Product Range:

In today’s time, we pay heed to the current need of our valued customers, Vashi offers an excellent online experience. Visiting can help you filter the right Philips Lighting products and have it shipped overnight. Being an authorised distributor for Philips, Vashi offers Philips’s products with warranty. The website also has up to date pricelist for ready reference.