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Lay down the tracks – it is Sports Day at Vashi Electricals!


Perseverance & tenacity are often the foundational traits to ultimate success. When these are combined with dedication & teamwork, the results are outstanding. Understanding the importance of this, Vashi Electricals observed February 2019 edition of Sports Day on the morning of Saturday the 16th. This edition was intended to draw athletes, fitness enthusiasts and spectators from across the Vashi family’s Bhiwandi and Turbhe branch to celebrate strength and a healthy lifestyle by ensuring participation in indoor and outdoor sports. Apart from encouraging the incorporation of wellness in day-to-day life, events like these are known to augment various values that add to personal growth and in turn company’s growth such as team work, resource utilization, time management, sportsmanship, wit and hard-work.

The response received this year was overwhelming with over 300+ employees attending the event. Gathered at ShivSwapna Lycans Football Academy Dharamveer ground, Kopri, Thane East, Thane, Maharashtra 400603; the event began with breakfast followed by paying the dearest regards to our nation with the Indian National Anthem. To make the event even more meaningful, the company donated 50 jerseys, 50 pair of socks, 50 pair of studs, 25 footballs and 2 pair of gloves to the ShivSwapna Lycans Football Academy who are doing a noble deed of training kids for football cost-free.

The courteous anchors (Bhiwandi Branch HRs) VISHWAJA PARULEKAR, YATIN CHAVAN AND NEELAM YADAV made sure that everyone united for the warm up session of Zumba in order to diminish the possibility of a muscle injury.

1…2…3 and the event began!

During the first half the track and field event included a number of races such as 100mtr (male and female), balloon race and relay races for different categories. All the track and field events saw a zealous participation. Especially, women employees participated with commendable vigor and enthusiasm. The atmosphere was charged with zeal and fervor with the call for the opening rounds of heats for 100 meters. The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was the splendid field display, involving mass employee participation, which splattered on the field, a riot of hues and vibrancies.

Running Race

With its competitive spirit unleashed, the people to reckon with as it went to win the race were:

  1. ASHISH MISHRA, BHUSHAN MAHTRE, AKASH UNARE for 100m race Males bagging the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.
  2. NEELAM YADAV, VIDHI GAIKWAD, NATASHA MENDONCA for 100m race Females acing it with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.
  3. Burst the balloon relay race witnessed SAGAR & DIVYA, SONALI & DHIRAJ and AKASH & DHANSHREE as the winners taking home 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

In contrast, the remaining half of the field was occupied with the participants of shot-put. SAYALI G. championed the female shot-put whereas DHIRAJ SINGH led among the males.

Like always, to keep the participants fresh & hydrated, water counters and energy drink counters were strategically placed. Towards the end of the 1st half, the lunch and refreshments was served soon after which the kabaddi, cricket, lagori, kho-kho and tug of war took place. Simultaneously, indoor games took form covering various events such as badminton and table tennis. In order to heighten participation further, a quick addition of musical chairs was made for all those who missed out on other sports.

shot put - female

Winner Chart:

Sport Male Winners – 1st Female Winners – 1st
Musical Chairs PRAVIN SAKSHI
Prize distribution
prize distribution

The day was filled with exciting victories and near misses for all the teams. Finally all employees stood together, to appreciate the winners and the event ended on a high note coupled with prize distribution. A huge shout out to the helpers, caterers and the volunteers that helped in the execution of such a great event!

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