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HR Initiative : Yoga Training, Corporate Tips, Skit on Technology & More. (July 2018)

Finally, the monsoon is here, guys! Off-course the dull weather calls for a lazy moment but at Vashi Electricals, there is never a dull day.

The initiative started with some corporate tips on how to have a positive attitude & look approachable. Vishwaja, Head – HR shared the following tips:

  • Have an approachable attitude towards your peers, seniors.
  • Maintain proper body knowledge.
  • Take initiative & strike conversation.
  • Always keep a smiling face.
  • Keep the doors open.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Appreciate & Encourage.
  • Share knowledge.

The second part of the initiative was an energetic Yoga Session by  Mr. Minar Ingale. Employees & Staff members learned some quick yoga asana that is beneficial for every corporate employee.  It was a fun, indeed!

The third part of the initiative was the skit performed by the Vashi Team Members. The skit explored the rapidly evolving intersections between digital technology and personal relationships. The skit also highlighted the pros & cons of using mobile & technology.

Finally, the HR initiative ended with the mesmerizing dance by Ms. Divya on the ‘Naino Wale’ Song from film Padmavaat.

See you in August, folks!

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