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HR Initiative: Highlights of Half Yearly Review, My Story, Gifts, Birthday Celebrations & More.. (Oct 2018)

It’s Navaratri folks! This divine month calls for celebration & get blessed from Maa Durga! Also, it’s time to brush up your dance moves for the Garba Night xoxo.. At Vashi Electricals, there is also never a dull moment. Every day is a fun day & celebration for us! This Month HR Initiative was full of cheer, joy & few inspiring stories from our team members.

The initiative kickstarted with some attendance related tips from Vishwaja, Head – HR. The second leg of the initiative was ‘MY STORY’ from two Vashi team members, i.e, Pravin Ghongade from Purchase & Datta Gundre from logistics.

We learned about their inspiring life journey.
The third part of the initiative was the gifts & award distribution of the team members participating in the Ganesh Utsav.

Congratulations team for participating in the events. Hope you all loved the gifts 

Finally, the best part of the Initiative was the birthday celebration of all team members of October month.

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