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Half Yearly Review, Team Building Session, Goals Setting, Music, Fun & More at Half Yearly Review at Alibaug

A Company’s half-yearly conference is usually associated with long speeches, boring presentations and sleep-inducing business figures. But with Vashi Electricals, mediocrity is never a part of any process.

So our team reaches Gateway of India at 7:30 am on 5th October 2018. We are welcomed by our efficient HR Team which has made all the necessary arrangements.

The majestic Taj Mahal looks even more beautiful in the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, and we are ushered into the waiting catamarans.

We are steered to the Mandwa Jetty from where we are driven to the venue, Fountain Head, which is a wonderful Training Centre near Alibaug.

Vashi Electricals Half Yearly Conference

The conference begins around 11:30 am with a warm welcome by a Partner, Mr. Murali Srinivasan and followed by a motivating address by our young and dynamic Director, Mr.Ameet Dodejaa.

We have a quick lunch followed by a technological update of our system upgrades. As a company we encourage artificial intelligence and use it often to improve customer experience, so it was important to share the latest features with all team members.

This was followed by an interesting update on our newest business venture, the solar business. The team was awe-struck at the potential of the solar business, and with the best agencies of SMA, Jinko, Renewsys etc Vashi Electricals is all set for SUNNY days ahead.

One of our Partners from our sister concern, Purva Vashi Electricals, shared an interesting update on customer attrition and profitability. It was an eye-opener!

At the end of the day, we were treated to a fun-filled game of Musical Tambola. It is just like Housie, except that instead of numbers, there are Hindi film songs printed on the tickets and a live band actually sings those songs. So the first one to have all the songs ticked on their ticket, wins the Musical Housie!

There were prizes galore and a great time was had by all!

On the 2nd day, we were greeted by a professional team of youngsters who were adept at conducting team building exercises. The session started with the Mexican Wave where all team members tuned in together creating a Vashi Wave.

Vashi Electricals Team Building

Further, all 150 of us found ourselves divided into 12 teams, each with its own Captain, Safety officer and a Group Flag! We were to play 6 games each and the team with the highest score would win the “Olympic Championship!” The entire game was named as ‘Vashi Olympics’.

Vashi Electricals Olympic Championship

The games started only after each team had displayed its unique war cry and march-past. There were points for each.

After a thrilling and exciting day of competitive games, the team with the highest points was declared the Winner, but not before letting us know our strengths and weaknesses during the games.

Vashi Electricals Olympic Championship

Olympic Championship

Vashi Electricals Olympic Championship

While it may seem we only played a few games, in reality, we had learned about team bonding, quick decision-making skills, and spirit!

The next leg of the day had two sessions called Pixel Challenge & Velocipede Challenge!

Pixel Challenge involved teams to create a design out of the boards given to them…

Vashi Electricals Pixel Challenge Alibaug

Vashi Electricals Pixel Challenge Alibaug

Velocipede challenges involved teams to assemble a cycle which was later donated to the kids at Alibuag for their daily use.

The day ended on the dance floor with the DJ and blasting music with all the team members in high spirits!

Vashi Electricals Party Dj Night

On the last day, the teams were ready to leave but not before playing our own VPL- Vashi Premier League, on the green lawns of the Fountain Head!!

As the teams headed back to Mandwa Jetty for the onward journey to Mumbai, we returned with invaluable gifts….of bonding, sharing and caring!!

Vashi Electricals Alibaug Half Yearly Conference Meeting

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