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Family Business Management – Words of Wisdom by our CEO Mr. Madan Dodeja

Keen business acumen and a balanced approach are needed to expand a Family Business along with maintaining a harmonious family. A family business is never a one-man show. It is a collective integrated effort put in by each and every member coated with the essence of optimal understanding & lots of patience. This kind of business thrives on respecting relationships, commencing partnerships and then building an empire.

Family businesses have the potential to be the strongest due to the complimentary skills of their members. Compatibility, dependability and trust already exist and need not be hunted outside making the business model extremely stable.

Here is an overview of Vashi Electricals’ CEO Mr. Madan Dodeja addressing the younger generation at S.P Jain with some key insights to achieve the same. Give in to his journey and these words of wisdom.

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