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Energy Audit – Is it actually worth it?

Energy audits are an integral part of Energy Optimization Solutions. On successful implementation of energy audit coupled with adherence to the recommendations offered this solution can generate savings ranging from 7% to 25%. The energy audit encompasses electrical audit, thermal audit and fire & safety audit.

Energy audits can be further optimized by Executing the recommended solution suggested and benchmarking the all-consumption points with automated monitoring systems. This is bound to add some more savings and drastically reduce the production cost boosting savings from 2% to 8% easily.

Top companies share projected savings just by deep analysis of the electricity bills. Efficient auditors shall be able to project close to accurate annual savings thus, making it easy for the clientele to make an accelerated decision.

Scope of Energy audit for an Industrial or Factory Set up:

  • Energy Performance Assessment of key processes & operations
  • Analysis of Energy Bills – Electricity and fuel as applicable
  • Refrigeration, Chilled Water & Air Conditioning System
  • Pumps & Pumping System
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Compressed Air System
  • Electrical System
  • Thermal equipment / Utilities
  • Application of Alternative fuels & Renewable Energy SAFETY PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE SAVINGS
  • Power & Harmonic Analysis


Key Focus Areas of Energy Audit:

  • Optimizing Operational Efficiency of key equipment, processes & operations

A detailed in-depth analysis of the major equipment, processes, and operations is performed, each of which are marked for their capacity, efficiency & consumption. Their contribution to the thriving system is compared to their losses. The source of the energy loss is identified and fixed without compromising on the performance efficiency.

  • Minimizing losses through distribution systems

An elaborate study of the electrical distribution system using high-tech detection devices is performed to note the leakages and pressure & voltage drops. Once, detected, the same is optimized saving multi-fold energy costs.

  • System Improvements (The energy conservation studies are generally carried out as per state government standards)


Case Studies

Vashi Electricals have executed an energy audit at one of the factories in Sarigam where we proposed them 20 lakhs of savings which is 2.5% of the annual electricity consumption bill. Where the service charge was lesser than 10% of the projected saving.


Immediate Achievements through Electrical / Thermal Audits


Let’s Conclude

The success of an energy audit completely depends on the data collation performed by the team of auditors. It also depends on the quality of the auditors in the panel. Data segregation followed up with an efficient execution is necessary. The recommendations, as mentioned earlier, should be adhered to by the customer.

Understanding that the money saved is the money earned and sustainability is the basic need of today’s time, Energy Audit is totally worth it, if performed well.

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