Castrol Industrial Lubricants Authorised Distributor and Dealer

Castrol India Limited is a pioneer in automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing arena. Being the 2nd largest manufacturer of industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants, it has a huge market share and reliability amongst the customers. With 5 huge manufacturing plants, Castrol has around 270 + Castrol Industrial Lubricant distributors.

Vashi Electricals is an authorised Castrol Industrial Lubricant distributor since 2004. Understanding the cruciality of hosting such a fine brand, Vashi Electricals provides the complete range of Castrol Industrial Lubricants. Irrespective of the segment our valued customers belong to whether mining, aerospace or automotive sector, Castrol Lubricants are known to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Castrol Industrial Dealer

Why Choose Castrol As Your Industrial Lubricant?

  • Liquid engineering to optimize performance
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data driven maintenance
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Chemical Management System

Industrial Lubricants can be confusing due to their several types and individual uses. Hence, representing the brand, Vashi Electricals as the authorised dealer for Castrol lubricants ensures strong technical pre and post sales support. With over 20 + sales offices PAN India and 1 million sq. ft. area of logistics, Vashi’s overnight shipping capability brings all that you need to your door-step.

One might under-estimate the capability of a lubricant on the overall system costs since the investment isn’t pocket injuring. Yet, despite the small budget, carefully manufactured Castrol lubricants can bring significant amount of savings.

How Can Castrol Lubricants Boost Savings?

  • Reduced friction
  • Reduced wastage
  • Reduced re-working
  • Negligible down-time
  • Proactive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance

What Are The Different Products Offered Under Castrol Automotive & Industrial Lubricants?

A wide-range of products are offered under one roof to cater to the diversified needs of the valued customers. Since, Vashi Electricals are the authorised dealers for Castrol Lubricants, all products are 100% genuine. Vashi offers PAN India free delivery, cash on delivery option as well as best prices in the market.

Availability, delivery delight, speedy customer response, guaranteed genuine products and excellent pre & post-sales support sets Vashi apart from the other Castrol Lubricants distributor.

Listed below is the range of Castrol Automotive & Industrial Lubricants:

Understanding the current need of our valued customers, Vashi offers an excellent online experience. Visiting can help you filter the right Castrol product and have it shipped overnight. Being an authorised distributor for Castrol, Vashi offers Castrol products with warranty. The website also has up to date pricelist for ready reference.

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