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An electrical conductor that consists for multiple copper strands wrapped inside an insulated jacket is called a welding cable. These cables are not only flexible but also exhibit excellent durability. The insulated jacket which is usually formed from either neoprene rubber or EPDM is intended to protect the cable in harsh environments. As the name suggests, these cables are used in welding and hence these jackets prove beneficial when the cable is exposed to harsh working environment, accidental sparking or abrasions. They are one of the most flexible cables amongst all wires and cables categories.

How to choose the right welding cables?

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to ensure all the necessary parameters are thoroughly inspected.

Ampacity: Ampacity is the word derived from ampere (amp), the unit of measuring electric current. It denotes the higher limit of current carrying capacity of a cable.

Length: The cable length should be chosen as per the distance between electrode and the welder as well as the distance between welder and the object to be welded.

Gauge: Gauge means thickness and size. To select the right cable for yourself, it is necessary to understand the current flow through various sizes and thicknesses. Thinner the cables lesser is the current carrying capacity.

Insulation: Though the insulation usually comprises of EPDM or neoprene that are well suited for harsh environments, they aren’t the best option for an environment where petroleum-based liquids are involved.

Flexibility: The strand count is directly proportional to the flexibility of the cables.

Colour: It is important to note that, different colours of insulation jackets should be opted for in order to easily distinguish.

What are the applications of Welding Cables?

  • They are highly used in the manufacturing industry
  • They can be used in tight batteries
  • They are preferred over battery cables for their high performance.
  • With an extra layer of water-resistant and oil-resistant insultation, they can be used in various marine applications
  • They are also used in various solar energy equipment.

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