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As the name suggests data and communication cables are used to transmit binary communication and information by use of electric current. They have found an extensive application over the years in computers, networking, telecommunication, ethernet, industrial automation, and much more.

Data Cables can be classified into:

Twisted pair: Corresponding to its name, twisted pair data cables are made of two copper cores intertwined with each other. Both the copper cores have their individual plastic insulation making the data cable more durable. The twisting of the wires enables the prevention of signal degradation during data communication.
They are typically used in computer networks and telecommunications.

Coaxial Cables: Right at the centre of the axis, is a central core conductor of a wire which is wrapped around with an insulator. This set-up is enclosed in an outer conductor of a metal foil followed by plastic insulation. These cables carry higher frequency than the twisted pair data cables. They are typically used in Ethernet applications.

Fibre Optic cables: Fastest mode of data transmission is achieved by fibre optic cables. They transmit data in the form of light thus, is devoid of any signal degradation issues. They are lightweight and have found their application in telecommunications and internet networks. These are the building blocks of most networks due to their extended bandwidth and pricing.

Communication Cables can be classified into:

Coaxial cables: They are used by radio companies, satellite television companies etc. and serve the purpose of transmitting data, video, radio, digital audio, and cable TV. They can be further bifurcated into hard-line cables and triaxial cables.

CCTV cables: The name says it all! CCTV cables are used in CCTV installations. They are generally very flexible since they have to be installed in corners where the eyes can’t reach e.g.) ceilings, crevices etc. CCTV cables are of different types including CCTV cables are RG59, RG6, Ethernet and coaxial cables.

LAN cables: LAN cables are also called Ethernet cables. They are responsible for internet connections are in this modern era; they have found their application in both domestic as well as the industrial environment. They too are extremely flexible and durable.

Telephone cables: Just like their name suggests telephone cables are used by the telecom industry. They too, just like LAN cables have both industrial and domestic applications.
Jelly filled cables: Jelly filled cables are specially designed to cater to the underground cabling. These variety of cables are water-resistant and dustproof. They have long durability and excellent flexibility. Since digging and repair cannot be a feasible option, jelly-filled cables (layered with petroleum jelly) are used extensively in the underground cabling.
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