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ABB NL22E 110V DC Contactor Relay – 1SBH143001R8622

1,970.0 935.8 inc. GST
-53% OFF


ABB XT1S 160 TMD 63-630 3p F F – 1SDA067432R1

11,170.0 5,026.5 inc. GST
-55% OFF

1SCA107753R1001–63A, 80KA, SIZE 000, 500V DIN TYPE FUSE LINKS (OFAFN000GG63)


1SCA107760R1001–50A, 80KA, SIZE 00, 500V DIN TYPE FUSE LINKS (OFAFN00GG50)

ABB- Pilot Device- Compact Pilot light with integrated LED 1SFA619402R5151

152.0 92.0 inc. GST
-40% OFF

ABB SB201M-D32; Miniature Circuit Breaker; D-Char.; 10kA; 32A; 1P

410.0 190.7 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB- Pilot Device- Compact Pilot light with integrated LED 1SFA619402R5152

152.0 92.0 inc. GST
-40% OFF

ABB A26-30-10 400-415V 50Hz / 415-440V 60Hz Contactor – 1SBL241001R8610

2,210.0 1,049.8 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB T5S 400 TMA 400-4000 3p F F 400 Amp – 1SDA054441R1

33,240.0 14,958.0 inc. GST
-55% OFF

ABB DS201 M C16 AC30 – 2CSR275040R1164

ABB S202M-D 32 Miniature Circuit Breaker, 32 Amp – 2CDS272001R0321

1,105.0 469.6 inc. GST
-58% OFF

ABB DB80 -1SAZ301110R0001

3,660.0 1,738.5 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB CR-MX230AC2L Pluggable interface relay 2c/o, A1-A2=230VAC, 250V/7A, LED – 1SVR405631R3100

315.0 189.0 inc. GST
-40% OFF

1SCA107763R1001- 100A, 80KA, SIZE 00, 500V DIN TYPE FUSE LINKS (OFAFN00GG100)

ABB UA63-30-00RA 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor – 1SBL371024R8000

16,550.0 7,861.3 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB- Pilot Device- Compact Pilot light with integrated LED 1SFA619402R5153

152.0 92.0 inc. GST
-40% OFF

ABB A110-30-11 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor – 1SFL451001R8011

21,030.0 9,463.5 inc. GST
-55% OFF

ABB N22E 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor Relay – 1SBH141001R8022

1,340.0 636.5 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB A30-30-10 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz Contactor – 1SBL281001R8010

4,260.0 2,023.5 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB TA25DU-1.4M -1SAZ211201R2023

1,570.0 745.8 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB TA42DU-32M -1SAZ311201R2002

3,500.0 1,662.5 inc. GST
-53% OFF

ABB SH203M-D 20 Amp – 1SYS273011R0201

1,240.0 558.0 inc. GST
-55% OFF

Best Brands for All Your Switchgear Needs Online | Vashi Electricals

Switchgears is essentially used to safeguard electrical circuits and control electrical power supply. They form an indispensable part of circuitry where heavy machinery is turned on and off recurrently. Their demand has been on a constant high in the market.

Switchgears can be broadly classified into three categories:

1.LV switchgear – also known as low voltage switchgear
As the name clearly indicates, these are used in low voltage applications ranging from 1000 V AC to 1500 V DC. These low voltage switchgear include OCB (Oil circuit breakers), ACBs (Air circuit breakers), RCCB (Residual current protective devices, MCBs (Miniature circuit breakers), MCCB (Moulded case circuit breakers), etc. A low voltage system is incomplete without these accessories.

2. MV switchgear – also known as medium voltage switchgear. As the name clearly indicates, these are used in medium voltage applications ranging from 3.3kV to 33kV. They are largely used in most of the electrical systems. Depending on the interruption medium, they comprise of OCBs, BOCBs, gas-insulated, vacuum switchgear etc.
They can be further classified as metal-enclosed indoor or metal-enclosed outdoor type or outdoor type devoid of the metal enclosure.
Functions performed by MV switchgear are as follows:
* On and Off operation
* Short circuit prevention
* Switching of capacitive and inductive currents.

3. HV switchgear – also known as high voltage switchgear
As the name clearly indicates, these are used in high voltage applications with 36kV and above. This switchgear comprises of high voltage circuit breakers such as SF6 circuit breakers or vacuum circuit breakers. They are intricately designed with special care to eliminate the possibility of tripping. They are kept on for long durations of time.

Vashi Electricals host the top brands to fulfill all the requirements of the valued customers. These brands have a global reputation that ensures excellent quality and warranty.

All the customers can choose from Siemens (Catering to the Indian Railways, Siemens India has won reliability among the masses in manufacturing and R&D facilities of switchgear), Legrand (Legrand switchgear are precisely developed by diligent professionals and are used in numerous applications. They are not only easy to install but have excellent durability) and ABB (ABB has been globally leading since 1949 and has a presence in around 100 countries making a mark in the switchgear business) to satisfy their circuitry needs.

These brands cover various switchgear and switchgear accessories including MCB, RCDS, RCCB, RCBO, Contactors, Contactor Relays, Wiring Accessories, Distribution Boards, Push Buttons, Plug Sockets, Monitoring Devices, MV Relays, Load Break Switches, etc.

Vashi Electricals has its presence PAN India in over 65 + industrial towns. With over 1 million sq. ft area of logistics spread across the nation, we bring you excellent availability and speedy delivery.
Shop with Vashi Electricals for all your Switchgear Needs.