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DM-PR : 3 Ply Premium Disposable Mask. WI

10.0 4.5 inc. GST 55 % OFF

Latex Medical Examination Rubber Hand Gloves – 1 Box (100 Gloves : 50 Pairs) HH

600.0 450.0 inc. GST 25 % OFF

Ross Sanpro Sanitizer – Blue Color

800.0 650.0 inc. GST 18.75 % OFF

Reusable Natural Rubber Hand Gloves Size L (25 times wash) – MNR

20.0 12.0 inc. GST 40 % OFF

Pro Shield Face Mask, NAP

40.0 25.0 inc. GST 37.5 % OFF

NM-PW : N95 Premium White Mask. PEPL

60.0 50.0 inc. GST 16.67 % OFF

Nitrile Powder Free Examination Hand Gloves – 1 Box (100 Gloves : 50 Pairs) HH

1,600.0 1,200.0 inc. GST 25 % OFF

PSFMA Pro Shield Face Mask – Adjustable

55.0 42.0 inc. GST 23.64 % OFF

Ross Sanpro Sanitizer – Blue Color 100ml

30.0 26.0 inc. GST 13.33 % OFF

HG01-AII- Infrared Thermometer-AII

NM-SPC : N95 Super Premium Colour Mask. PEPL

75.0 60.0 inc. GST 20 % OFF

PPO-AS : Portable Pulse Oximeter – Airosat. Made In India

1,500.0 1,200.0 inc. GST 20 % OFF

VN-21 Neptune Battery Sprayer Dispenser

2,500.0 2,000.0 inc. GST 20 % OFF

Ross Sanpro Blue Hand Sanitizor Liquid – 500 ML

150.0 120.0 inc. GST 20 % OFF

FPO-JC: Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. JC

N95 Mask Medi Dispo – JC

160.0 53.0 inc. GST 66.88 % OFF

Buzil Rossari Sodium Hypochlorite

400.0 inc. GST 100 % OFF

Ross Sanpro Sanitizer – Ross Aseptic (Colorless)

950.0 600.0 inc. GST 36.84 % OFF

AD805 – Portable Pulse Oximeter . AIC

Buzil Rossari Infektocide BR 502

3,200.0 3,000.0 inc. GST 6.25 % OFF

Ross AQUA E-AM – Hand Wash

1,200.0 1,050.0 inc. GST 12.5 % OFF

Nitrile Powder Free Examination Hand Gloves – 1 Box (100 Gloves : 50 Pairs)

1,600.0 1,200.0 inc. GST 25 % OFF


Personal Safety Products have become of prime importance during COVID 19 pandemic. COVID 19 in known to spread through contact and droplet transmission. Safeguarding your health and the health of every working individual by ensuring efficient use personal safety products and competent hygiene monitoring is imperative.

Understanding the existing emergency, Vashi Electricals brings you a wide range of personal safety, hygiene and sanitation products.

These include protective gloves, masks (reusable and disposable), face-shield (fixed and adjustable), PPE Suit Coveralls, Infrared thermometer, Pulse oximeters, Hygiene kit, PPE kit, Buzil Rossari Disinfectants & Sanitizers, Foot-Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser, Knapsack Battery Operated Sprayer, Touchless safety key and much more. Prices of the products are constantly updated making them highly competitive and best in the market.

Buy Face Masks a truly must-have, from Vashi Electricals’ online portal:

Face masks have become extremely mandatory in the current unprecedented times. Vashi Electricals offers both reusable and disposable masks. Cotton masks are reusable whereas premium 3 ply and super premium 3 ply are 3 layered disposable masks. N95 category are melt blown, non-woven 21GSM filtered SITRA certified masks. They come in 3 options namely; premium N95 mask, super premium N95 mask and N95 Respirator Mask.

These Made In India Masks are available at highly discounted prices making them perfect for bulk purchase.

Buy Face-Shield for complete face protection from Vashi Electricals’ online portal:

Indulge in complete protection of FACE from contaminants, coughing & sneezing droplets and oil splashes with the protective Made In India FACE-SHIELD. These are 100% transparent, non-toxic and recyclable. It covers the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth completely providing optimum face protection. FACE-SHIELDS on Vashi Electricals portal come in two options viz; Fixed and Adjustable (comes with an adjustable strip for perfect fit).

The pricing offered is the best in the market with excellent quality and durability.

Vashi Electricals’ online portal brings you a chance to buy best in class Hand Gloves:

Always keep your hands free from contamination with protective hand gloves. This product ensures optimal hand hygiene and safety. Vashi Electricals offers disposable and reusable Made In India hand gloves which are further classified as Non-sterile Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves, Non-sterile Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves, Reusable Rubber Gloves.

These fit perfectly and have excellent comfort leading to the execution of intricate tasks with ease.

Buy Non-contact Infrared Thermometer from Vashi Electricals’ online portal:

For early detection and cure, a temperature check is a must. The social distancing norms make infrared thermometer an absolute win-win. It has a high fever alarm function, clear LCD display, 0.55 seconds fast silent measurement, excellent data storage, and inbuilt power-saving mode.