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Buy Antibacterial Hand Wash Online | Vashi Electricals

The best way to stay free of germs and contaminants is by maintaining hand-hygiene. During this pandemic emergency, it has become more imperative to maintain basic hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness. Amidst these protocols hand-hygiene has been given paramount importance.

Touching contaminated hand to your face can lead to spread of infection. Also, any other form of contact such as hand shake, touching surfaces etc. may lead to infection.

Hence, washing hands with a suitable anti-microbial hand-wash is essential to maintain thorough hand-hygiene.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

Activity Before During After
Food Preparation Yes Yes Yes
Eating Yes —- Yes
Attending the sick/ill Yes —- Yes
Using Washrooms/Toilets —- —- Yes
Coughing, Sneezing, Blowing nose —- —- Yes
Cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Garbage Disposal —- —- Yes
Outdoor Activity —- —- Yes
Animal Interaction Yes —- Yes

What Are the Steps to Be Followed for An Efficient Hand Wash?

Washing hands is essential to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from infection. It is simple and very effective.

Step 1: Turn on the tap and wet your hands in running water. Post which switch off the tap to ensure water savings.

Why? This step is important to ensure friction free lathering of the anti-bacterial hand-wash.

Step 2: Take enough hand-wash liquid onto your palm and rub your palms together for lathering. Ensure to reach between your fingers, thumbs, nails, back of the hand and wrists.

Why? Lathering ensures all the dust, microbes and contaminates are trapped in the foam.

Step 3: Scrub your hands together for at least 20 seconds to get the best results. CDC suggests singing happy birthday song twice from beginning to end in order to complete 20 second cycle.

Why? Scrubbing ensure action time of the anti-bacterial liquid on the germs and contaminants. The scrubbing time would differ from person to person depending on their reason for handwash e.g.) A medical professional would wash hands longer as compared to a person cleaning the house. Yet, 20 seconds either way ensures efficient hand-hygiene.

Step 4: Turn on the tap and rinse your hands under clean running water. Ensure the soap has been completely washed away.

Why? All the dirt, microbes and contaminants trapped in the soap must be washed away in order to keep the hands germ-free

Step 5: After thorough washing, turn of the tap and dry them using a clean towel. You may also air dry them.

Why? Wet hands can be prone to re-contamination or cross contamination. Hence, drying hands immediately after washing is a good practice.

Should We Use Sanitizer or Hand-Wash for Hand Hygiene?

Soap-based hand-wash accompanied with water are the perfect duo to maintain top-notch hand hygiene. In case of unavailability of soap and water, sanitizers with a minimum of 60% ethanol (recommended by CDC) should be used. Expiry date for both should be carefully read and adhered to before use.

Buy Antibacterial Hand Wash Online | Vashi Electricals

Vashi Electricals provides best in class anti-bacterial buzil rossari hand-wash that is backed with German Technology.  These hand-wash are fragrance free with anti-microbial property. It destroys 99.9% of microbes. The 2 in 1 action formula does cleaning and sanitization of hands in a single step. These hand-wash liquids ensure elimination of infection and transmission. They must be used WITHOUT DILUTION directly.

Apart from hand-wash, Vashi Electricals hosts a variety of personal safety products including face-masks, gloves, face-shield, PPE Kit, infrared thermometer, pulse oximeter, safety key, buzil rossari disinfectants & sanitizers and much more. With PAN India geographical reach, quick timely delivery is assured. Vashi Electricals ensures quality and availability for all its valued customers.