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Personal Safety Gloves: Buy Hand Gloves @ Best Prices Online

The consumption of Personal Safety Hand Gloves has been outpouring lately. Safety Hand Gloves protect hands from harsh chemicals, contaminants, cuts, infections and biohazards. They are largely used by medical professionals, various technicians, lab experts and other professionals. Hand gloves are easily available on various online and offline sources.

Here at we have a wide range of gloves both disposable and reusable crafted from different materials. They can be classified into Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves and Rubber Gloves. Each of these hand gloves serve different purposes.

  • Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves are specially crafted to fit the hand perfectly in order to execute intricate work. They provide excellent protection against chemicals and infectious agents.
  • Latex Medical Examination Hand Gloves are durable and comfortable to wear. They are preferred for surgical examinations since they are tactile and prevent infectious transmissions. Their flexibility ensures they fit every hand perfectly without causing any discomfort thus enabling the user to wear the gloves for longer period.
  • Re-usable Natural Rubber Hand Gloves are waterproof, detergent resistant and safeguard the hands from chemical abrasions & bruising. They can be used for industrial work such as cleaning and washing. Rubber gloves safeguard the hands from chemical & acid spills as well. They come in various sizes including medium, large and XL. You can pick the one that suits your need.

Apart from hand gloves, the website also shelves other personal safety products including face masks, face shield,  ,  , infrared thermometer, safety key, buzil rossari disinfectants & and much more.

Vashi Electricals is equipped to serve all its customers with quick delivery. This is achieved through 29 + warehouses spanned across the country and a well-managed inventory that enhances availability. We ensure that the products are of superior quality and available to all at best prices. Our website allows you to make a retail or bulk purchase depending upon your requirement.

Buy your protective pair of hand-gloves today. Do visit the website as often as possible to ensure you do not miss out on regular offers.