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Auto Cables are specifically designed to serve the automotive industry with a wide range of application encompassing Automobile Industry, Tele-communications, Wind Turbines, IT Industry, Power Industry, Shipping Industry, Textile Industry, Steel Mills and much more. Auto cables also known as automotive cables comes in various types like throttle cables, brake cables, clutch cables, gear cables and transmission cables.

They usually are composed of a copper conductor and silicon rubber insulators.

Make the right choice!

Apart from looking at a certified cable and source. Here are top 5 things you must check before picking the right automotive wire:

  • Pick a material that suits your need: Automotive wires can either comprise of copper or aluminum both of which have their set of pros and cons:
Copper Aluminum
More Conductive Less Conductive
More Flexible Less Flexible
Non-corrosive May corrode
Heavier Lighter
Frequent Price Fluctuation Low cost
  • Overload Protection: Ensure you pick the wire for your current carrying needs. Each wire has an amperage. Check the same before purchase to avoid the risk of overloading.
  • Beware of the gauge: A thick wire will have a lower number of wire’s gauge and vice-versa. A lower gauge number should be opted for in case more electricity carrying capacity is needed.
  • Make the right connections: Automotive wire connection can either be soldered or solderless. Solderless connection is safer and often preferred.
  • Organize by color: To ensure you are organized, choose different colours for the automotive wiring needs.

Make Vashi Your Partner for Auto Cables:

Vashi Electricals deals in a wide range of wires and cables brought to you by top national and international brands.

Choose 105° C temperature resistant PVC insulated thin wall auto cables manufactured by Finolex. They are made from electrolytic grade, bright annealed, bunched, bare copper conductors. Thus, a perfect choice for ensuring high current carrying capacity without overheating.

Finolex Auto Cables have a lower overall diameter as compared to regular PVC auto cables which can ideally be used in new generation, modern, compact automobiles. These lower diameter cables are more resistant to abrasion than higher diameter cables of other standards.