Buzil Rossari Disinfectants & Sanitizers Authorised Distributor and Dealer

Buzil Rossari was incorporated on 26th December 2013 as a joint venture between BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG and Rossari Biotech Limited to provide superior cleaning solutions in hospitality, healthcare, facility management, laundry, disinfection, personal hygiene and special care products.

Over the years, Buzil Rossari has won over customers PAN India with its increasing distribution partners. Backed by a century old legacy of Buzil in Germany, the product manufactured efficient, effective, economical and top-notch. They are tailor-made to suit the needs of customers from every segment.

Sharing the same vision as Buzil to serve PAN India customers, Vashi Electricals on-boarded the brand and is the authorised distributor of Buzil Rossari disinfectants and sanitizers.

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Buzil Rossari Authorised Distributor & Dealer

Being the authorised dealer for Buzil Rossari, Vashi Electricals provides genuine anti-bacterial Buzil Rossari hand-wash manufactured with German Technology.  These hand-wash are fragrance free with anti-microbial property. It destroys 99.9% of microbes. The 2 in 1 action formula does cleaning and sanitization of hands in a single step. These hand-wash liquids ensure elimination of infection and transmission. They must be used WITHOUT DILUTION directly.

Vashi Electricals has also added state-of-the-art Buzil Rossari Sanitizers equipped with German Technology with 70% ethanol-based solution. The products vary in quantity ranging from 100 ml to 5ltrs. Thus, guaranteeing fulfilment of diverse needs of all the valued customers.

Here are some of the best USPs of Buzil Rossari Sanitizers that make them class-apart

  • 70% ethanol-based hand disinfection liquid
  • Rapid action against bacterial as well as enveloped viruses
  • German Technology that kills 99.99% microbes
  • Excellent packing to ensure no spillage or wastage
  • Safe for hands as it has emollients
  • Unlike other drying sanitizers, these sanitizers moisturize hands with every use

Buzil Rossari Surface Disinfectants:  Buzil Rossari Sodium Hypochlorite5% solution suitable for mopping of floors, vertical surface, tables, chairs etc, window, door knob. 250ml should be diluted in 1 litre of water.

Ross FCS 201 Cleaner Cum Sanitizer – 5 LTRThis is a surface cleaner cum sanitizer best suited for industrial set-ups

Buzil Rossari Infektocide BR 502: Infektocide BR 502 is suitable to clean and disinfectant all water-resistant surfaces. Infektocide BR 502 is high level disinfectant with sporicidal property. Broad spectrum disinfectant cleaner fungicide, pesticide etc. 5-10ml should be diluted in 1 litre of water.

Buzil Rossari Infektocide Spray BR 503: Alcohol based rapid disinfectant for instant action. Action in as fast as 1 min. No Wiping required. Can be used on all alcohol resistant surfaces for swift disinfection. Highly recommended for achieving high level disinfection in less time. Disinfects all instruments, office table, phones and other equipment which is alcohol resistant. Disinfects 99.99% before it dries out. To be used directly.

Ross TC Surface Disinfectant: Acidic cleaner (Hydrochloric acid) suitable for cleaning of Toilet bowls and it is to be used directly.

Ross WR Surface CleanerMild acidic product with multipurpose use and suitable for Washroom floors and fittings. 20ml should be diluted in 1 litre of water.

Rosa DC Surface DisinfectantAlkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium Chloride
Technology. Kills 99.99% microbes. Best against any epidemic due to bacterial, envelop or non-enveloping viruses. Suitable for Nursing homes, gyms and commercial kitchens.10-15ml should be diluted in 1lit of water.

Thus, the complete range of Buzil Rossari is offered under one roof to cater to the diversified needs of the valued customers. Since, Vashi Electricals are the authorised dealers for Buzil Rossari disinfectants and sanitizers, all products are 100% genuine. Vashi offers PAN India free delivery, cash on delivery option as well as best prices in the market.

Availability, delivery delight, speedy customer response, guaranteed genuine products and excellent pre & post-sales support sets Vashi apart from the other Buzil Rossari disinfectants and sanitizer distributors.

Understanding the current need of our valued customers, Vashi offers an excellent online experience. Visiting vashielectricals.com can help you filter the right Buzil Rossari product and have it shipped overnight. Being an authorised distributor for Buzil Rossari, Vashi offers Buzil Rossari products with warranty. The website also has up to date pricelist for ready reference.

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