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Buying Guide: How to Buy Digital Thermometer to Fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 has pushed the masses into strict hygiene and social distancing norms. Every other person is heavily absorbed in google searching the date of COVID-19 vaccine release and the count of the wide-spread infection. But, let us take a halt right here and re-assess the importance of prevention and detection before cure. Social distancing is emphasized upon time and again, yet over a period of continuous battle there is a definite decline in adherence on the preventive guidelines by the people. We have to pledge to keep on keeping a distance. The infectious chain can only be curbed by each and every one following the guidelines specially to safeguard the more vulnerable part of our society.

Infrared Thermometer – 2020 Game Changer

Amidst these crises, the personal safety products have washed the online space. The demand has skyrocketed and so has their need. One of these personal protective devices is an infrared thermometer. Now, when anyone mentioned a thermometer, the first thing that comes to mind is a glass tube with calibrations dependant on mercury for readings.

Infrared thermometer is a game changer!

It enables the user to test temperature of an object or a person from a safe distance to avoid infection or contamination. Safety personified! Since, fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and maintaining distance is mandatory, Infrared Thermometer is a win-win.


How Does Infrared Thermometer Work?

  • The infrared thermometer is a digital thermometer and has a detector called thermopile.
  • The device emits IR rays (light) that hit the object (from a safe distance) which is tracked back to the thermopile detector.
  • This detector converts light energy to heat energy. This heats the detector eventually converting heat energy to electrical energy.
  • The amount of electrical energy generated is directly proportional to the temperature of the object with is digitally displayed on the LED screen of the Infrared Thermometer.

How To Use a Fore-head Infrared Digital Thermometer?

Manufacturer’s guidelines are to be followed to achieve accurate temperature readings. However, there are a few things you can keep additionally in mind while using this personal safety product.

  • Hold the infrared thermometer perpendicular to the forehead and instruct the person to close their eyes and stay motionless until the reading is displayed on the LED screen.
  • At no point should you touch the sensor of the thermometer.
  • The thermometers usually beep on the end of temperature detection.
  • You can take upto 3 readings and take an average of the readings to get the closest to the exact temperature.
  • Store the infrared thermometer in a clean and dry place that is free of extreme humidity.

Tip: Avoid taking temperature of a person while standing under the sun.


When to raise an alarm?

The normal temperature ranges from 36 °C to 38.0 °C. If the temperature is steeply high in comparison to the mentioned limits, then it is essential for you to visit or consult a doctor.

As mentioned earlier that before raising an alarm, do ensure to take the reading three times in order to nullify human error. Most of the infrared thermometers come with a high fever alarm that shall caution you automatically about elevated body temperatures.

It is important to note that high temperatures need not mean COVID-19 infection and could mean various other underlying ailments. Hence, it is essential to consult a doctor rather than coming to a conclusion all by yourself.


FAQs – All your questions answered!

  1. Where can I buy digital infrared thermometer?

Digital infrared thermometers are easily available online. Ensure you look out for certification and warranty before purchase.

  1. How accurate are these devices?

They are extremely accurate. Yet as mentioned above, do check the temperature three times and take an average to rule out human error.

  1. How long does it take for a digital infrared thermometer to showcase the readings?

A good quality contactless infrared thermometer should showcase the readings in less than 20 seconds.

  1. How much distance can be maintained with the digital infrared thermometer?

One arm distance can easily be maintained with this device.

  1. Are digital infrared thermometers safe?

These devices are extremely safe and are also used on infants to check their body temperature.

  1. Can infrared thermometers work through glass?

No. The infrared thermometers can not work “through” glass. E.g.) if you are pointing the device at a glass window pane, you shall get the temperature of the window pane and not the temperature on the other side of glass.


To sum-it-up

Digital Infrared Thermometers are the need of the hour and a must have in all the households. Luckily with the online market being over populated with products, the prices available are extremely competitive. Many websites constantly run offers which are periodically up for grabs. Safety is, should and will be the top-most priority. So, if you haven’t already, do invest a bit on your safety.

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Stay emotionally positive and COVID-19 negative! #staynegative

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