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Since 1949 ABB has been contributing towards the electrical industry with its state-of-the-art products and services. It is especially known globally for its switchgears. In India ABB is headquartered in Bangalore. This switchgear giant employs 10000 + people and has a dominating presence in about 100 + countries.

From a wide array of segments ranging from system integrators to end-users, ABB switchgears cater to all applications including refurbishment, line extensions and new installations.

ABB has been increasing their distribution partners over the years. Being the largest channel partner for electrical and power transmission products, Vashi Electricals humbly hosts an elite brand like ABB under its authorized distributorship. Among the other ABB switchgear distributors, Vashi is set apart due to its reach PAN India in over 55 + industrial towns. With 1 million sq. ft. area of logistics and 20 + branches across the nation, Vashi ensures timely delivery and excellent customer experience. As a responsible authorised distributor for ABB switchgear, Vashi delights customers with speedy response, availability, technical support and complete range of products.

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ABB Switchgear Authorised Dealer

ABB switchgears are of the following types

  • Air-insulated switchgear

Air insulated switchgears are specifically designed to cover a wide range of applications such as data centres, oil and gas industry, mining industry, marine and nuclear power plants or projects. For applications requiring ANSI switchgear, ABB has a full line of metal-clad, non arc-resistant switchgear available.

  • Gas-insulated switchgear

ABB switchgears has a type called gas insulated switchgear solutions that are typically curated for primary and secondary distribution. They are meant to suit every application in medium voltage (MV)

ABB switchgear range offers a wide variety of medium voltage gas insulated switchgear (GIS) for primary and secondary distribution.

  • Motor control centers

Talking about low and medium voltage, ABB’s motor control centers (MCCs) are excellently designed and manufactured for use in demanding applications in markets such as pulp and paper, mining and metals, utility, chemical, oil and gas, mass-production manufacturing, and water & wastewater.

  • Railway switchgear

ABB’s railway vacuum circuit breakers use a well-proven combination of magnetic actuator and electronic controller that eliminates several moving parts, making them robust, reliable and essentially maintenance-free.

  • Wind switchgears

When we speak about wind power industry, a slim and durable switchgear is needed. This is particularly due to the increasing trend for higher production per installed turbine. This ABB switchgear has overcome the challenge of restricted space inside tower installations and compact substations by developing a switchgear with extremely slim modules.

As ABB switchgear authorised dealers, Vashi understands the importance of online purchase ease in today’s times. Vashi’s e-commerce portal is customised especially for the valued consumers to filter out just the right product in the right range. Genuine ABB switchgears are available at just a single click. Up-to-date pricelists are now available on our website for ABB switchgears.

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