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ABB Softstarter – A Smooth Pick-Up of Your Motor

Do we prefer a rough start? While choosing a vehicle, we often receive suggestions directing us to opt for a vehicle with a smooth pick up. A smooth pick-up is essential for the well-being of the vehicle’s engine. The shelf-life, performance, fuel consumption, lubrication consumption, and longevity of the vehicle critically depend on the vehicle’s pick up. Now, let us replicate this concept on our industrial machinery…

Soft starters are essentially manufactured with the purpose of safeguarding the motors from electrical stresses. Although a motor without a soft starter may seem to function just fine, the mechanical wear & tear increases over a period of time with the repeated conventional starting of the motor.

You can trust that your motor is in safe hands with ABB soft starters:

ABB softstarters are easy to install and assemble. They come with an all-in-one unit facility encompassing bypass contactor as well as overload protection. This accounts for a 360⁰ starting solution. ABB soft starters are not just industry-specific but also application-specific, thus, ensuring high output. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply soft starting.

Pages after pages scanning through catalogs can be exhausting! To bring you the ease of selection ABB has a SELECTOR TOOL for you. Just answer a few quick questions and find the perfect softstarter or your motor.

ABB’s softstarter range is divided into 3 categories:

  • PSR : The compact range
  • PSE : The efficient range
  • PSTX : The advanced range

Each of these ranges of softstarters has its individual application. The details are displayed in the image below:

Although the need for a softstarter might not be felt in newly purchased equipment, the effects of a rough start of the motor shall gradually surface. This shall eventually hamper the overall deliverables of the equipment.

Let Us Start Smart with ABB Softstarters…

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