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3C – Concepts of Vashi Electricals

Vashi’s partnership with the brands is based on trust and commitment to serve customers with the same level of quality as envisaged by them. Our partnership is built on the “3C” Concept i.e., Capacity, Capability & Commitment.


Capacity: The hunger to grow day-after-day in order to serve the customers to the best of our capabilities encompasses Vashi’s Capacity.

Capacity lies in deploying adequate resources, manpower and inventory to bring ease of business to all Vashi’s valued customers.

Capacity involves liquidity of funds to manage Principal aspirations in an orderly manner.

In the solar system of Vashi, 19 + warehouses revolve around their defined paths gravitating and contributing towards the success of the company. These warehouses though guided by the same values, act as a wholesome entity to serve the customers in their region. With the

Capacity of 1 million sq. ft. logistics are. Availability of stocks is Vashi’s key offerings. Our efficient supply chain management backed by robust inventory planning of more than 55000 + SKUs ensures on-time availability of the majority of items. Showcasing 25 + brands across 55 + industrial towns PAN India, we ensure delightful service to 30,000 + customers.

Vashi has extended its existing Capacity by serving as an authorized service center for top National and International Brands like Bonfiglioli and Hindustan.

To assure customers of quick repairs and services of products that were bought from us, we have upgraded our authorized service stations at different locations including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. Our certified service engineers are trained to service these products on call, thus, ensuring zero downtime and optimizing the productivity of the equipment installed at the customer’s factory. We efficiently map a route to reach all customers with a special Annual Maintenance Contract offer for the supply of spares, repairs, and service.

Within these horizons of Capacity, we encompass our 1000 + happy team members working round the clock to close every order with delightful service. Our team ensures a speedy response, solution-oriented approach, and supreme customer delight. This team is dedicated to commemorate each and every customer into a Vashi believer.



Capability: Vashi’s Capability lies in 40 + years of experience. Our school for learning is the customer premises and their expectations from us.

The unprecedented crisis of the pandemic and lockdown opened many locks of our minds. We realized in every crisis lies the opportunity. Our commitment and core values were under test. Our resilient and flexible approach to everyday challenges gave us the strength to get up and face the next.

To tread the waters of success, the Capability of the company to adapt, innovate and deliver has to be well-nourished. Every process in Vashi is programmed, keeping customer benefit in mind.

Our Capability to adapt and respond with timely investments in world-class technology including digitalization in operation processes, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft-365 made us efficiently realign our work from home strategy without any training needs and time loss. Zing HR enabled digitalized HR communication with PAN India team members. Vashi’s Learn & Grow portal leveraged the lock-down and upgraded the skill-set of the team members through interactive training modules. Thus, we were able to maintain a seamless response level with our principles, customers, team members and stakeholders.

With the Capability to adapt to the changing times with the path of technology, connecting PAN India and serving nationwide became smoother.

Along with enhancing our Capability, we ensure to augment customer’s Capability to experience the ease of business by continuously adding various customer support platforms such as Vashi Virtual 360-degree 3D Store, WhatsApp Virtual Assistant, and All-responsive E-commerce Website.

Lastly, by the Capability to always keep our minds open to innovate, we seized new opportunities and initiated our MRO business vertical, named VMROHUB which we believe has high growth potential as we already have more than 45 years of product distribution expertise.


Commitment: We believe in an unwavering commitment to our Principles, Customers, Team Members, Family and Bankers. Even in critical times, we focus on positive cash flow and avoid all non – essential budgets to deliver as committed.

Commitment towards Vashi Dharma – Our Values

Dharma towards Customers:

  • Ethical and transparent communication
  • Solution provider
  • Speedy response and closure to queries

Dharma towards Service Providers and Principles:

  • Honoring commitment as per agreed terms without the reminder
  • Not seeking or accepting personal favors

Dharma towards Peers and Seniors:

  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Valuing everyone in the chain
  • Knowledge sharing

Dharma towards Vashi

  • Honestly working within company guidelines, processes and policies.
  • Value addition to building the brand Vashi
  • Whistleblower for any wrongdoing harming the interest of the organization
  • Refrain from leaking or sharing any confidential information

We have aspired to delight our believers by performing better than their expectations at all times.

During these critical times of lock-down, Vashi Electricals continues to extend support to the team members with excellent work from the home facility without compromising customer service. The timely release of salaries and bonuses is maintained to keep the team high spirited and happy.

Let’s Sum It Up

Having 3C – Concept in Vashi makes the company immune to fear of challenges and open to growth. The willingness to climb a higher pedestal and not leaving behind all the valuable contributors is the true crux of 3C and its success. With two months into the year 2021, we are optimistic about growth as our critical learnings have given us the confidence to keep innovating.

We have, do, and will always assure that our offerings simultaneously support to grow every customer business thus, confirming a mutually benefiting everlasting relationship.


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