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Cable Management
Nowadays, businesses require their workspaces to be highly flexible. They must be designed for individual offices as well as open plan offices or desk sharing. Legrand offers electrical and digital architectures that make it easy to reconfigure offices and adapt them to meet a company's new organizational requirements. Product brands under this segment consist of Soluflex floor system and Cablofil wire mesh cable trays. They offer a series of key advantages such as time saved during installation, flexibility in use, and instant reconfigurability. From trunkings, columns, mini columns to floor boxes, pop-up boxes, they all offer a complete solution for current circulation from floor to ceiling, and also enable a seamless fit with the wiring devices such as Arteor or Myrius to offer innovative new functionalities.
  • Soluflex cable Floor system
  • DLP trunking system : Snap-on, Mini & U-PVC Aluminium.
  • Wall & Ceiling system
  • Raceways & Junction box
  • Desktop multi-outlet extensions