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CIN NO. U31904MH1991PTC060890
1050C Temperature resistant PVC Insulated Thin Wall Automobile Cables are designed specially for new generation automobiles. In these automobiles the focus is on miniaturisation and optimisation of space which results in increase of temperature in the engine compartments and other locations.
  • Manufactured from electrolytic grade, bright annealed, bunched, bare copper conductors and hence
  • can carry the rated current without overheating.
  • These are insulated on state-of-the-art extruders with a special grade PVC compound that is
  • formulated and manufactured in-house to the highest safety standards.
  • Finolex auto cables have a lower overall diameter as compared to regular PVC auto cables which can
  •  ideally be used in new generation, modern, compact automobiles. These lower diameter cables are
  • actually more resistant to abrasion than higher diameter cables of other standards.
  • The cables are used by all leading automobile manufacturers in the country. These cables can safely
  • operate under extreme temperatures from -400C to 1050C and are therefore very popular worldwide.
  • Finolex lead-free cables are specially designed to meet the stringent environmental norms in
  • European countries.
  • The cables are abrasion resistant and therefore less prone to damage, which in turn leads to less
  • chances of a short circuit resulting in fire in the vehicle.
  • Also available in economical packaging of 100 metres or longer lengths.