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CIN NO. U31904MH1991PTC060890
The new DPX³ range of MCCBs is one of the Legrand solutions for providing improved protection and control for all your low voltage installations. DPX³ is the ideal solution if you are looking for reliable, safe and precise protection for people and property, good continuity of service, easy installation, freedom of layout and easy maintenance and adjustment. The technological innovations incorporated in the product provide you with improved remote control and easy access to the electrical parameters or the energy consumption in your installation. In this document you will learn about the numerous advantages of the DPX³/DPX range, which is suitable for all your requirements in terms of selecting, designing or creating electrical panels.
  • Complete range for all your requirements from 16 to 1600A.
  • Same depth for all Circuit breakers from 160 to 250A.
  • DPX³ 160 and DPX³ 250 MCCB with Integrated earth leakage module.
  • Selectivity of DMX3, DPX3 and DPX MCCBs.
  • Integrated measuring units on microprocessor DPX³ 250.
  • Plug-in DPX³ 160 and DPX³ 250
  • Direct and vari-depth rotary handle for DPX³ 160 and 250