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BTD - BCR Series
Bonfiglioli's mission is to design, produce and market transmission units with the best management in terms of environmental protection, product quality, and efficiency and economy of process. The Bonfiglioli Vectron Servomotor range is made up of two series of actuators, one designated BCR and the other BTD. BCR offers a large torque reserve and long lifetime, as well BTD provides a big dynamic coefficient and low heating. Each series includes a number of mechanical sizes, corresponding to different flange dimensions. Each flange size is available with motors of different lengths, capable of developing different levels of torque. The BCR series is designed to guarantee a broad continuous torque interval of up to 115Nm with a corresponding overload of 400%. The BTD series is designed to satisfy the need for high torque from compact motors. The stator winding technology and excellent quality of the permanent magnets in the rotor allow the BTD series to achieve a torque density of 15.3 Nm/dm3.
  • High torque and overload
  • High torque into restricted volume
  • High torque and efficiency
  • High overload and large speed range