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Modern building interiors offer a huge challenge while designing lighting layout. Within the same premises there are different areas with different ceiling heights which needs different lighting requirement. Use of downlights with their compact size and option of a wide variety of lamps and optics within the same size helps designers overcome this problem without any compromises. Philips Space offers the unique combination of a variety of lamps (PLC 18W, PLC 26W, PLT 32W, PLT 42W) and optics (mirror finish, dual finish, turbo full metal) to address the varying lighting needs. FBH 250 is the full metal version of space offering higher efficiency.
  • Housing made up of PBT offers high temperature and flame retardancy.
  • Chrome plated mirror finish front reflectors.
  • Dual finish internal reflector with matte at bottom and diamond at sides for higher light output.
  • Separate control gear box.