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CIN NO. U31904MH1991PTC060890
Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER LEDspot MV is a perfect fit for spot lighting (track, corridors, lift lobbies, display cases and cabinets) in the hospitality industry. It is particularly suitable to public areas where the light is on 24/7, such as lobbies, corridors. MASTER LEDspot MV delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any compromise on brightness. These LED Spots are compatible with most existing fixtures with a GU10 holder and designed as a retrofit replacement for halogen or incandescent spots.
  • Low energy consumption: 4 W / 35 W, 7 W / 50 W, 8 W / 50 W+ (230 V -240 V)
  • Non dimmable
  • Compatible with an extensive range of dimmers
  • Lifetime of 40,000 hours
  • Clearly defined beam spread
  • UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat-sensitive objects