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Hydraulic oil is the fluid used to power hydraulic systems in applications as diverse as automobile brakes, garbage truck lifts, and aircraft flight controls. There are many different fluids used for this purpose, including mineral oil, water, synthetic compounds, and water-based mixtures to name a few. The basic oil stock could be glycol, castor oil, ethers, esters, organophosphate ester, mineral oil, polyalphaolefin, and silicone or propylene glucol. Mixtures are created with chemicals and synthetic products according to what the oil will be used for. Hydraulics makes it possible to move heavy or resistant objects with ease. When hydraulic oil is used in machinery where an oil spill might harm the environment, biodegradable forms are used. These are made of a vegetable oil base, usually rapeseed oil, rather than a petroleum or chemical base, so that if there is a spill, it will not harm the environment. Biodegradable hydraulic oil is often used in farm tractors, earthmovers and boats, as well as in timber cutting and processing applications.
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